Who is the Community Council

Every school must have a School Community Council (council) that consists of the principal, school employees and parents.  The majority of members are parents.  Parents represent parent perspectives on issues and in votes made by the council.

            The council is responsible to review and propose changes to academic school plans each year.  The School Improvement Plan and School LAND Trust Plan outline the student’s greatest academic needs and include an action plan to address them.   Both plans are approved by the local school board and then implemented at the school.  The School LAND Trust Plan is implemented with funds that increase every year.  The council decides how the money is to be spent in the plan.

            Councils have other responsibilities:

  • Parents may bring issues of concern to the council seeking solutions.The council may choose to address them or recommend another group or entity better suited to implement solutions.
  • The council may also create programs or projects to improve the parent, student, and faculty school experience.
  • They may make recommendations to the administration of the school and district.